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Responsible tourism

Biking Croatia operates tourism that foster principles of responsible tourism (minimize environmental impact, maximize cultural interaction and ensure an economic benefit to the community) in all aspects of our business - to all services we provide for individuals and groups.

Preserving environment

Besides positive impacts, modern tourism obtain negative environmental, social and cultural impacts on: water, natural beauty of the country, beaches and islands, plants, birds and animals, traditional ways of life and cultural heritage. Principles of responsible travel can sustain destination and local community in its origin for a future.

Our efforts

  • We provide tours for small groups (up to 16 people), with small groups we can minimize negative and maximize positive effects of tourism in environment (no matter of location: an island, beach, sea, national park or urban region)
  • As the transportation is very important in tourism, we support Idea of green transport; cleaner vehicle options which helps area to stay cleaner
  • Seasonal pressures: we do marketing campaigns to spread guests through the all seasons (spring, autumn or winter) not just through summer
  • Wherever possible we use accommodation providers which support efforts of good environmental practices such as recycling and conservation of water and energy.

Our environmental policy

  • We used recycled paper
  • We recycle all our waste paper (brochures, etc)
  • Our correspondence and promotion is carried out via the internet and email, minimizing the amount of paper used for our activities
  • We support different local ecological associations and our staff was directly involved in afforestation (planting of pine trees in Dubrovnik area after fire disaster in summer 2007).

Our social policy

  • We employ local people, our accommodation is mostly provided in local run guest houses, cottages, or apartments; Our guides educate and inform guests on the tour about local culture, history, habits
  • On all our tours we use local produce and provide local-style meals, and we encourage our guests to try local dishes and delicacies
  • We support local economy and small business by supporting locally owned shops, restaurants, and using local guide services.
  • Using local employees, guides, accommodation providers and transportation services, Biking Croatia ensures that financial benefits remain in the local community.

What you can do

  • Be informed about Croatia www.croatia.hr, www2.tzdubrovnik.hr, www.visitdubrovnik.hr
  • In many places fresh water is a very precious commodity and should not be wasted, so use a minimum for showering and washing, especially when you are on islands, tap water is drinkable throughout Croatia
  • Turn out the lights or air condition when you leave your room, use the public transport as much as you can, minimize your waste generally
  • Pick up your litter, never live any trace in nature, when you are in rural areas please stay to the trails and don't damage or take any plants or flowers
  • Remember that your travel destination is someone home
  • Try to learn and use some Croatian worlds for example: dobro došli!

Meet our team

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