Road bike trip from Dubrovnik to Herzegovina & back

Cycling through 2 countries in one day. On this bike trip you will explore inland of Dubrovnik and border area of Bosnia Herzegovina following the old rail road along the valley of Popovo Polje and rural area which was war zone during the 90s between Croats and Bosnian Serbs. Today this area lives in peace, but many scars remain on that time

Min. 2 pax.

Info: - 80 km, road bikes (for serious riders), cycling mainly on flat terrain, total distance 80 km. Whole day trip (8 h) Itinerary: - Picking up guests at the hotel, transfer to the place Brgat to avoid part of the main road above Dubrovnik, which is quite frequent, especially during the summer season.

Cycling starts just a few km before the border where we leave our car.

Passports are obligatory

After entering Bosnia we continue cycling on the old railroad, a line from the Austria-Hungarian Empire, which is now paved.

It follows the edge of the valley Popovo Polje (this area was a war zone between Croatian and Serbian forces in the last war).  Upon arrival in the small village Zavala (famous for the biggest cave in this region Vjetrenica and the very old Orthodox monastery (from the 15th) we have free time for the refreshment or lunch in the local restaurant.

After lunch, we return the same way to Ivanica to our vehicle and transfer to the hotel.

Prices per person;

1-2 pax EUR 360 total cost per trip  (not per pax)

3 pax EUR 220,00 per pax

4 - 8 pax EUR   200,00 per pax

9+ pax EUR   160,00 per pax



- pick up and drop off from Dubrovnik hotels

- bike rental aluminum frame road bike (with a helmet and water bottle) and guide

- lunch

Extra cost: hire Trek Emonda carbon fiber road bike, the group set 105     EUR 15.00

                 electric-assisted bike EUR 10.00



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