Prevlaka military bike tour

NEW tour with E bikes We explore the area of the peninsula on a E bikes

Prevlaka peninsula is the most southern part of the Croatian territory, it is 45 min driving from Dubrovnik at the edge of Konavle countryside and Montenegro border. This peninsula have had very strategic position for each country or government through the centuries, from the Austrian – Hungarian times, old Yugoslavian and communist time when it was border between eastern block and NATTO. Even in the modern times when it is a part of modern Croatian country, this last point of Croatian territory is deep located in the beginning of Boka bay and sea entrance to Montenegro.

During the past, different regimes used this peninsula as geostrategic point where they have built military complexes, bunkers, fortresses, tunnels, ports and observation points to control entrance to bay of Kotor and southern Adriatic sea.

Today Prevlaka is secret touristic attraction, abounded, demilitarized zone where locals, mostly from the nearby villages Vitaljina and Molunat, are coming for fishing, swimming, hiking, picking the olives…. Still preserved in the time, uncommercial, this military complex with 19-century Austrian fortress Punta Ostro, bunkers and picturesque bay, makes this place worth to visit and ideal escape from Dubrovnik daily crowds.

We explore the area of the peninsula on a E bikes, starting point is village Vitaljina, after exploring countryside area and hill with observations military objects from time of Yugoslav army, we cycle down to beautiful bay  where was Yugoslav army military bay and peninsula point with Austro Hungarian fortress. After sightseeing, from the peninsula we cycle back to village Vitaljina, where we left our car.


With E Bikes (electric assisted bikes)

Cycling distance: 25 km

Included: round transfers, E bikes, bottle of water, guide, refreshment drinks at beach bar on Peninsula Prevlaka, 1.5 -2 h sightseeing/bike ride tour around the bay area.

Trip duration (with transfers) about 4.5h

Possible: lunch in local tavern (on the way back to Dubrovnik) EUR 25.00 per person


1-2 pax (group price) EUR 220,00

Prices per person:

3  - 8 pax EUR 90.00

9 - 12 pax EUR 85.00


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